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A Sitting Room is generally close to the Front Entrance and dedicated for those guests who are Officials & or For Guests who are not in your Personal Circle. The Livingroom is specifically dedicated to the Informal Area for the Owner’s own Private Use & is generically close to the Kitchen either at the Back of the House / Close to Informal Private Usage.

The living room may consist of a sitting area but it also includes other furniture accent and also function as entertainment center.

A lounge is usually a little more formal, with comfortable chairs, couches, beautiful tables, art, maybe bookshelves, etc. It’s a room where you can receive company, sit a read, listen to music, etc.

A living room is more of a place for the family to gather for fun activities; playing games, watching TV, kids bringing friends over, etc. It’s usually set up with a television and entertainment system, and is less formal than a lounge or sitting room.

This is a link to a home model that shows two different rooms. What I would consider the lounge, they label the “gathering room”. If you take a look at the photos, you can see what I’m talking about.

What are some tips for decorating a living room?

Living rooms come in all sizes, colors, materials, textures, lighting and styles. They also serve different purposes. Some homes have a formal living room in addition to a more casual family room, while other homes have one living room serving as both family room and living room.

But, what elements make a modern living room…modern?

We at tribuz interiors have a team of best interior decorators in Gurgaon, our out-of-the-box ideas and hard work come together in the perfect blend to make your living room a paradise, and along with this we also make the project pocket friendly to you.

  • You can choose a colour texture for painting your living room. You have to select a colour which can give a warm, energetic and relaxed feel to you and your guests.
  • To decorate your walls beautifully, you can use the wall stickers, wall arts, family photo frames, Key holders and so on.
  • Wall hanging tapestries are the perfect product for decorating a wall. Use them to give a stunning look at your walls. You can also use them as bed covers, table cloth, curtains.

Try these easy and quick tips and see how you can give a new look to your living room. What all is required is a creative mind and the interest to do something new and different

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