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Reliable Carpet Cleaning is locally owned and operated and provides services throughout Kitsap and Pierce County including Bremerton, Port Orchard, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Gig Harbor and Tacoma. We are masters in hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. This is the only method authorized and advised by carpet manufacturers.

Our Cleaning Services

We understand that you have a choice of carpet cleaners. But not all carpet cleaning company are alike. We provide premium services at budget-friendly prices.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpets or upholstery is minimally intrusive. The majority of the equipment necessary to carry out the cleaning is located in our work truck outside your home.

Area Rug Cleaning

We use specialized tools and equipment developed for whatever kind of rug you have. Whether that is artificial, wool, cotton, silk or one of the many other types, we can clean all of it.

Stain Removal

If your rugs, carpet, or furniture have acquired stubborn discolorations that you can’t seem to eliminate, it may be time to call an expert. We can quickly get rid of stains that will not come out otherwise.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grout is porous and absorbs dirt and grime, scrubbing and mopping only removes surface soil and not the embedded dirt that causes the grout to become dull.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning service can restore the charm and extend the life of your favorite couch, chair, or other upholstered furniture. Revive the beauty of your furniture again.

Pet Odor Removal

Urine from your pets never actually dry in your carpet. If you have tried cleaning pet stains yourself with store bought carpet cleaning sprays, odors may reappear along with the smell!

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Affordable & Professional Cleaning

We offer some of the best cleaning services in the area and at extremely affordable rates. Learn more about some of the features and benefits of our premium cleaning services and call us today.

Preserving your carpet is crucial. It is hugely recommended for property owners to seek expert carpet cleaning annually, or bi-annually depending on the traffic level of the house. Besides the visual worth of making your carpet appearance cleaner, steam cleaning your carpet frequently reduces common allergens, bacteria, fleas, dust mites, and more that build up with time, while dramatically improving the air quality of a home. Dirt and loose soil that is caught and impacted into your carpet break down the fibers and material, which will ultimately destroy or blemish your carpet. We help you to preserve a healthy home and provide ideas to steer your carpet clear from various sources of dirt and filth.

For the best carpet cleaning experience, we utilize the most sophisticated hot water extraction system readily available. We’ve bought the very best to offer our clients the fastest possible drying times and the cleanest possible carpet. In most cases, our steam cleaning procedure leaves customers with drying times in between 2-6 hours depending on the carpet type and the drying conditions created. We also completely understand that this is your home, so we utilize nonpoisonous, environment-friendly, green sealed items and protectant to accredit our consumers, their kids, and their animals security from any harsh chemicals. Also, our equipment utilizes Teflon glides to prevent scratches or scuffs and we use corners guards, tie-offs, stroll off mats, and practically anything else we can employ to safeguard our consumers residential or commercial property and belongings. Our customers’ satisfaction is our # 1 top priority. We make every effort to continually ensure that you have a professional carpet cleaning business that you can depend upon to get your carpet cleaned up correctly. At Reliable Carpet Cleaning, we will make your carpet look much better, feel much better, and last longer.

As time passes, impurities and dirt build up slowly or quickly depending upon the traffic and activity in the home. This makes your tiles look increasingly dull and causes grout lines to blemish and stain. Do it yourself home cleaning items and approaches aren’t able to reach or get rid of the exceptionally deep dirt from the porous tile surface. Dirt that is penetrated into a hard surface or grout ultimately becomes like adhesive. In some cases, leaving irreversible staining and damage. Our state of the art truck-mounted steam cleaning system profoundly cleans countertops and floors by breaking down and removing impurities and dirt completely. Our Tile and Grout Cleaning process apply severe heat, high pressure, and agitation to blast away dirt, gunk, grease, cleaner accumulation, and anything else that makes tile floorings look dingy and filthy. Then we draw away the filth using high velocity suction.

For your tiles and grout to look incredibly gorgeous and pristine, correct cleaning techniques and equipment are required. Reliable Carpet Cleaning takes pride in highly trained, and IICRC certified professionals who can achieve better results than other cleaning businesses. We have the needed equipment and proficiency to ensure your tiles and grout are cleaned up well without any damaging results. We use exclusive items that are specifically built to deal with and clean your tile without the addition of hazardous chemicals and severe acids that may be damaging to your house and health.

Furnature is expensive. Insead of replacing old tired furnature, restore it! Reliable Carpet Cleaning is the premier upholstery cleaning company in Washington State. Our experts can clean up a wide variety of various materials utilizing the deepest, Green-sealed, steam cleaning available with the fastest drying times and Green-sealed protection to leave your Upholstery feeling and smelling fresh. Qualified green and safe for kids & pets.

Your furniture is the pride of your home. We treat your home like it is our own as we entirely comprehend the value of our customer’s residential or commercial property and possessions. In doing so, we take all measures and follow particular treatments and protocols to make sure no damage happens. As soon as the material or fabric is determined, the appropriate service is chosen and applied to begin breaking down organic spills, body oils, and dirt. After being disturbed and scrubbed manually, the material is cleaned up with a low wetness steam cleaning system that deeply yet delicately cleans up the upholstery. Our specialists are extraordinarily trained and utilize attention to detail to make sure to get rid of any various stubborn stains carefully. We likewise offer deodorization services to sanitize and revitalize your upholstered surface areas. See below for our Green-sealed upholstery protector.

Freequently Asked Questions

Do you clean bed mattresses?

We also supply mattress cleaning to sanitize and eliminate the irritants, allergen, and other particles found within your bed mattress layers. Bed mattress cleaning also prevents and kills bed bugs, allowing you to lengthen the life of your bed mattress.

Does cleaning carpets help air quality?

If you leave your home’s carpets uncleaned, the indoor air quality in your home can be 8 to 10 times worse than outside air quality. Your carpets get wet from food/drink spills or perhaps from the pool in your backyard. The situation can worsen when you cover it with cheap, substandard cleaners. Even if you use the best cleaners commercially available, it is essential that you employ the right strategies when applying them. Professional cleaning not just assists in drying your carpets but likewise rids them of musty odors to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Do clean carpets help reduce allergies?

Your carpets function as filters. They trap allergens, grit, contaminants, fur, dander and lots of other nasties that can be damaging to your health. Gradually, when these contaminants build up, you start to breathe them in. this can have unfavorable impacts on your health, including exacerbating your allergies. While regular vacuuming will get rid of a portion of these pollutants, it is not sufficient to ensure that the air in your house is clean. The best method to fend off allergies is by employing expert carpet cleaners. They use commercial grade, cutting-edge equipment to give your carpets an deep and comprehensive cleaning. Having your carpet cleaned seasonally will have a noticeable impact on anyone suffering from allergies as it removes the bacteria that impact the quality of air in your house.

Why shouldn't I clean my own carpets?

Expert carpet cleaners do this every day. They know the best solutions to apply to different carpet materials and exactly how to run large cleaning devices for the best outcomes. Only by taking a look at a carpet, can they deduce the ideal cleaning methods to utilize for Grade A results. Expert carpet cleaners can likewise restore your carpet to the quality it had when new. Aiming to clean your carpet on your own might sometimes leave it harmed due to the lack of knowledge and experience.

When should I change my carpet rather than cleaning it?

Installing new carpet in your home can be expensive. For this reason, you want to safeguard the investment you have made. For the cleanest carpets and a healthiest living environment, contact us today. We take the utmost pride in the level of service we deliver. We achieve this through the combination of our highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals coupled with the latest in carpet cleaning equipment, systems, and innovation. We also utilize only premium quality cleaning products and services and tailor each task to the client’s unique requirements and carpet type. We make an effort to ensure all your cleaning requirements are completed to above and beyond complete satisfaction.

Can you get out tough stains?

Our homes are meant for living, and with regular wear and tear comes unsightly stains and marks in our carpet and furnature. A quick area clean will help reduce any undesirable spots, but some stubborn discolorations do not go away. If you have some nasty persistent discolorations on your carpet that seem to remain no matter what cleaning detergent you utilize, an expert carpet cleaning company is what you need. Expert carpet cleaning companies purchase high-performance cleaners what are optimum for getting any stains out of your carpet while still safeguarding it and keeping your floorings gorgeous.

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“They used organic products and completely removed all the dog smell from my carpet. Best in the county.”

James Ruggles

“I’ve used carpet cleaning services in the past and none were as effective as these guys. My carpets look brand new.”

Lawrence Ramsey

“Wow! They got the stain out of my couch that I thought would never come out. I was about to just go buy a new couch.”

Rosa Henderson

Why Choose Reliable Carpet?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer complete satisfaction is the primary concern at Reliable Carpet Cleaning. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning we do for you, we will happily return to re-clean.

Green Cleaning

Don’t destroy your home and your health with dangerous cleaning chemicals. This is especially important if you have children or pets. Our methods are clean and safe.

Professional Service

We gladly welcome the chance to show the quality and the dependability of our services. We ensure total expert care for all your carpet and upholstery needs.

We are Available 24/7!

If you have any questions or concerns or if you’d like to request a quote, please call us at the number below. We’re excited to hear from you and assist with your residential or commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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